Poworkout Trim & Tone

Workout routines - Trim & Tone

The following workout routines are included in the app Poworkout Trim & Tone.

platt mage
Fab Abs
belly work
Belly Work
back blitz
Back Blitz
core force
Core Force
power posture
Power Posture
toned legs
Toned Legs
firm bum
Firm Bum
booty shape
Booty Shape
explosive body
Explosive Body
total body mix
Total Body Mix
athletic cardio
Athletic Cardio
functional fat burning
Functional Fat Burning
toned arms
Toned Arms
lunge challenge
Lunge Challenge
high knee challenge
High Knee Challenge
plank challenge
Plank Challenge
core challenge
Core Challenge
crunch challenge
Crunch Challenge
cardio core
Cardio Core
core shape
Core Shape
squat challenge
Squat Challenge
jump challenge
Jump Challenge
skater challenge
Skater Challenge
kick back challenge
Kick Back Challenge

Swedish flag For our Swedish users: Here are translations of the workout routines.

Poworkout Trim & Tone app info

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24 fast workout routines containing cardio and strength training.

Poworkout Screenshot StartPoworkout Screenshot Select LevelPoworkout Screenshot Do Exercise

How it works - Tutorial

  1. Poworkout Screenshot Start

    Select your Poworkout - there are 24 workout routines to choose among:

  2. Poworkout Screenshot Program

    Each workout routine contains 3 exercises.

    Its easy to learn the technique of each exercise - just watch the video clips, all exercises are also described with pictures and written instructions.

    Click on each of the exercises to view instructions, before or during your training. You will also find alternatives and info about the muscles working when training each exercise.

    The included exercises in training routine Poworkout Firm Bum are:

    • Lunge
    • Knee lift - rear lunge
    • Side squat

    Press "Start Poworkout" (or go back to start page and select another).

  3. Poworkout Screenshot Select Level

    Select level and exercise sequence: one by one or circuit.

    There are 30 levels from absolute beginner to very very fit people.

    means you do the exercises on time.
    Count reps
    means you count reps by yourself and then press the "I'm done"-button
    One by one
    means you perform the exercises one by one.
    means you train one set of the first exercise followed by one set of the second exercise and so on.

    Then tap the start button.

  4. Poworkout Screenshot Do Exercise

    Do the exercises as the app tells you.

    You can read instructions and/or watch video to find out how to do it also during workout.

    When your finished tap the "I'm done"-button if you selected "Count reps" or just wait if you selected "Timer" (the view will then change automatically).

    Then the app tells you to rest. Its optional, just tap "continue" to keep going. Continue training as the app tells you until all exercises are completed. You can change the time for resting in settings.

  5. Poworkout Screenshot PointsPoworkout Screenshot Points

    When all exercises are completed you receive points which adds up to your score. You can view your training on the History page.

  6. Continue training by starting another Poworkout training routine. All Poworkout training routines can be combined.

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