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Workout routines - Ball & Band

The following workout routines are included in the app Poworkout Ball & Band.

abs drill
Abs Drill
sweat abs
Sweat Abs
ab drum up
Ab Drum Up
belly modify
Belly Modify
touch up abs
Touch Up Abs
below the belt
Below the Belt
tight butt
Tight Butt
lower body cut
Lower Body Cut
go glutes
Go Glutes
build back
Build Back
spinal strength
Spinal Strength
back attack
Back Attack
super spine
Super Spine
core cast
Core Cast
chest push it
Chest Push It
rear shoulders
Rear Shoulders
shoulder sculpt
Shoulder Sculpt
strong shoulders
Strong Shoulders
arm pump up
Arm Pump Up
vivid arms
Vivid Arms
arm reform
Arm Reform

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21 fast workout routines using gym ball and exercise band

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